Coke Farm has been producing a variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables for over thirty years. This year we are excited to celebrate our 35th year as a certified organic operation.

In August of 1981, prompted by a doubting conventional farmer who speculated that strawberries could not be grown organically, founder Dale Coke planted his first strawberries on the home ranch near Aromas, California. The plants produced successfully and a local natural foods store became the first Coke Farm customer. Dale started planting more crops and joined the Santa Cruz chapter of C.C.O.F. (California Certified Organic Farmers).

Within a year Dale connected with a chef at Chez Panisse who expressed interest in the strawberries and squash he was growing. Coke Farm expanded by growing increased quantities and additional types of crops, then started selling more produce to local stores and the San Francisco Bay Area.


After a couple of years, Coke Farm was growing specialty and baby lettuces for upscale restaurants on both the East and West coasts. When faced with the abundance of greens and lettuces in the field, Dale began harvesting and mixing several varieties together and created "spring mix". Large-scale wholesalers took an interest and began buying the spring mix for the restaurant trade in major metropolitan areas. The popular mix created demand for a larger-scale production.

By 1990 Coke Farm had grown to a 200+ acre farm, harvesting over 50 crop varieties each year and shipping daily out of a cooler on site in San Juan Bautista. Today Coke Farm continues to provide its customers with organic, specialty, top quality, seasonal fruits and vegetables year-round. In addition to growing and shipping their own produce, Coke Farm also cools, stores, and ships for several local organic farms.


Farm Facts

  • Thanks to our mild California climate, we can grow every day of the year, with something unique in every season.
  • Meyer Lemons, one of our specialty crops, are actually thought to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin, which explains their deep yellow color and sweet taste.
  • We work with more than 50 local growers, from 5 acre farms to 1,000+ acre ranches. 
  • When looking down from the historic Mission in San Juan Bautsita, one can view our colorful crops and cooling facility to the northwest. 
  • Coke Farm sells many products to local and Bay Area customers and as far as Canada, Colorado, Florida, and New York.